Dear AAP Members,

The future is said to be filled with possibilities, and as we take the portfolio management reins for Action Alerts PLUS, we turn the page and look to find the best investment opportunities in markets. Powering the investment process will be the combined fundamental and technical experience we’ve garnered over the years as portfolio managers, option traders, index builders, and watchers of the global economy and monetary policy.

In our collective time working together, we have developed a vertical and horizontal perspective on industry analysis and how to decipher data, both economic and company-specific. We will also be leveraging the power of structural change to identify pronounced tailwinds and the companies poised to benefit from the changing landscapes across the global economy, demographics, psychographics, technology, and regulatory mandates.

We’ll introduce you to the world of technical analysis and options, often seen as a place of mystery and suspense. With the help of Bob, you’ll learn about some of the finest technical tools ever created that give him and Chris the ideas to send along to you. In addition, we’ll teach you about how to use options (if you’re interested) as a means to protect your portfolio and create new income streams.

We will be vigilant about protecting our positions and the total portfolio against market volatility. We’ll also revisit the technical and fundamental thesis behind those positions that are moving against us in the short term and take action when necessary.

We will strive to bring you, our subscribers, the best ideas. Yet, it’s not only the success of our picks that matters. We will educate you on some of the best-known tools to navigate around markets short term and long term. As the old saying goes, we want to teach you how to fish, so you will eat for a lifetime. Through our frequent videos, occasional webinars, weekly roundups, and other learning opportunities we are confident you’ll get to a place of confidence in your ability to handle a tough market environment. For some of you, just ‘feeding’ from our ideas is good enough - and that is okay, too. We’ll provide.

The rich tradition of Action Alerts PLUS, or AAP as it’s come to be known affectionately, will remain very much intact. We’ll build on that as we move forward, hunting for new investment opportunities and side-stepping ones that would tarnish the portfolio as well.


Chris Versace & Bob Lang, AAP Portfolio Co-Managers


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Action Alerts PLUS provides members with features like Real-Time Action Alerts, 24/7 access to AAP’s Portfolio, the Daily Rundown Video, exclusive access to Member-Only Monthly Calls, and an Online Forum.

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