In today's Daily Rundown, Jim discusses what United Technologies' (UTX) earnings results mean for portfolio holding Honeywell (HON) , Abbott's (ABT) earnings, Comcast's (CMCSA) earnings (which we discuss in detail here), his discussion with Viacom (VIAB) CEO Robert Bakish, how members need to view and attack this difficult-to-understand market environment and more!

Katherine Ross: Good morning, y'all. I'm Katherine Ross with Action Alerts PLUS. I'm here on the floor of NYSE with Jim Cramer. Jim, you just spoke briefly on our Facebook live video about the read through from United to Honeywell. Let's go through that.

Jim Cramer: I'm glad you bring it up because Honeywell is a agnostic supplier to aircraft, and aircraft is now either ... When you go to look at it, the majority of now is either Honeywell or United Tech or Pratt & Whitney. And Pratt & Whitney was so strong that ... you're talking about double digit growth. Aerospace is the greatest secular bull market of the digitization. And when I look at the United Technologies numbers I just say, "Wow, gotta go buy Honeywell."

Jim Cramer: Now United Technologies has come down a lot, and United Technologies has come down a lot because people were worried about Otis in China. It wasn't bad. People worry about carrier and residential spending. It was very good. And people are always concerned that because one out of every four airplanes goes to China that somehow United Technologies and Honeywell will be hurt. It's just not the case. They'll take every plane that they can get, and this is that secular growth trend. Only 17% of people in the world have been on planes. Some people feel that China, only 1-2% of people have been on planes so there is a remarkable aerospace story.

Jim Cramer: United States doing very well too. And they make a great engine. So when you look through them and you look at how much of the mass of plane, what percentage of plane is made by Honeywell. You say to yourself, "Wow. This is gonna be great." And I really just think the people are underrating Honeywell here because of China. I just don't think that's a good analog, if you're listening United Technologies.

Katherine Ross: Let's talk about Comcast earnings. What do you think there?

Jim Cramer: Well there what's happened is ... First of all, cash flow is really great. It's always been. Their free cash flow ... Any time they can have that what's profitable growth. It maintains a profitable growth story. There'll be some nitpickers about certain lines about high speed. High speed is actually pretty good. Here's what you need to know.

Jim Cramer: They did this pro-form analysis of what would've happened Sky had been the whole quarter ... Sky deal is closed. Sky is a monopoly in Europe. Now I have a house in Italy, and of course you have to have Sky. It's what you have. And you don't think about, "Well what are the alternatives? What's the Direct TV? What can you get?" You just get Sky. It's funny because I have problems with getting my electricity up in the house, but not about getting Sky.

Jim Cramer: What I find to be extraordinary is, Italy and Germany were talked about on the call. And the reason I say why that's extraordinary is all of the years I've followed Comcast, they've always said, "Listen, we've gotta be international." And what a great thing to have this product, this green feel, that doesn't really have a lot of subs in Europe. And so it was really great. The stock exploded upward as the call went on which is really positive. They paid a pretty penny for Sky. NBC Universal was very good. Sign ups were good, like I said, but the main thing is Sky is great.

Jim Cramer: And remember, it's a long day, and stocks want to go lower because of the futures. But keep an eye on Comcast. It doesn't deserve to go lower. It should go higher.

Katherine Ross: I'm glad that you brought up the market in general because I wanted to ask if you think that we'll end up in the green or if we're gonna sink lower.

Jim Cramer: Well you know what Katherine, because this is one of the things I talked about in my Real Money piece. There's not enough players. Take a look at the floor. Look at this. I mean, it's really ... You took another step down in January, I think. I really love floor traders and all the things they stand for, but we don't have a lot of players.

Jim Cramer: So what happens is the futures overwhelm the common stock. The futures want to go lower. And the futures want to go lower because they're focused on trade, and they're focused on oil. And where you get real bargains is to go against the grain and try to isolate really good companies. It's very hard. We talk about it constantly as club members, but if you look at Comcast, we bought a ton of Comcast at thirty, thirty-one. And you look at it, and you say, "Okay, well listen. We see the Dow opened up big. It comes back down."

Jim Cramer: But the fact is, the companies are doing very well. I mean, even if you analyze Kimberly which I know is bad versus Proctor. You know, they're presenting a good 2019 face. You know, they have the Stanley Works which were Stanley Black & Decker which is terrible. And you look at that and you kind of say wow.

Jim Cramer: But then you take a look at Proctor and you take a look at ... which we don't own, but take a look at Walmart, and take a look at United Technologies, and take a look at IBM. That's four Dow stocks. And the Dow opened up big, and it's come back down. At a certain point, you're gonna want to go buy these stocks because they're being pressured by the futures.

Jim Cramer: So I'm acutely aware now there's a time in 1984, 1985 where I talked about the possibility that the futures would one day overwhelm common stock. This is at law school. Boy has it ever happened. So today is a good example of the nonsense that we have to deal with, but why even though we regale, and I think your first 10,000 should be index fund. If all stocks go down because of S&P futures, you've gotta go buy some stuff because it's crazy.

Jim Cramer: These companies are doing so well. Proctor's doing so well. And Honeywell's doing so well. Not at Dow stock, it used to be, but jeez. What an opportunity the futures push it down.

Katherine Ross: What about your Abbott earnings?

Jim Cramer: We're going back and forth with the company to try to get to the bottom of what was disappointing. I'm not used to any disappointment from Abbott. We're gonna have more on Abbott later today. I wish that Abbott were ... the cohort's weak today too. It didn't help. There was a Merck downgrade. I mean, this is a Nike day, you know what I mean? It's a Walmart/Nike day.

Jim Cramer: But we're gonna get to the bottom of what so-called went wrong at Abbott. And I don't want to jump the gun ahead of our analysis, but we're going line by line, and there are a couple lines that were weaker than I'd like to see.

Katherine Ross: You just sat down with Viacom's CEO. How'd that go?

Jim Cramer: Okay, well this is one. We didn't ask the elephant in the room and say, "Are you gonna merge with CBS after you conclude a DirecTV deal," Like that DirecTV deal where they want to have all their myriad channels on. It's not clear if that'll happen. Pluto is a reversion to the old ad model. And why? Because it's got 12 million people, and they're very young. It skews young so advertisers like that.

Jim Cramer: When I go on it, the only thing I see on it that I like is what's trending. The videos that are put up. But people have a tendency to consume a lot of old TV. Paramount's doing better. Bakish has really streamlined the company. It's a farce that it's at 29. Just a farce. It should be dramatically higher, but I think people just think until ... If they merge with CBS, it won't be.

Jim Cramer: And again, I come back to the same thing which is that the market wants to go lower. There's pressure on the market from the futures. Now you can say, "Well, Jim, Viacom is ... That's not Viacom." No, it is. I mean, there's just not enough buyers to come in and say, "You know what? I am going to buy against the futures." And this is gonna be a big theme of mine in 2019 because we've lost a lot of buyers of stocks which is creating great value.

Jim Cramer: And a lot of companies sit there and they buy back stock. Now Comcast will not be buying back stock once they finance Sky. IBM will not be buying back stock once they close the Red Hat deal. But you can see if companies do the right thing and buy back opportunistically, they can take the other side of the S&P trade. That's what they should be doing.

Jim Cramer: Sometimes I wish that I were advisor at a companies because I think I could craft what they should do and how they should do it so you don't have a buyback. Like Goldman's buyback, which we didn't talk about Goldman's numbers, but Goldman had great numbers, but they bought a ton of stock back higher, and you don't want to see that. And that's because strange as it is, they weren't correctly opportunistic. Strange as it is because I was taught how to trade at Goldman. I would've thought they did better even though Solomon did a great quarter, and also I think explain the Malaysian thing about as good as it can get. Took off the table the notion of the franchise being at risk. That was very good.

Katherine Ross: Alright, Jim. Thank you so much for your insight and-

Jim Cramer: Well let me say just a couple other things. DowDuPont, it's really been clear now that it is entirely trade. Alright so it's ... DowDuPont is a binary situation. It's become ... There's a couple of this, and we talk about tonight on Mad Money. That's become binary, but Dow is doing well. He was on, Jim Fitterling was on TV this morning. Michael Dell was on TV talking about computer spend. But most importantly, Chuck was on. Chuck Robbins. And Cisco's a big position of ours.

Jim Cramer: Oh by the way, Nikesh was on from Palo Alto today telling a good story. I like Palo Alto. Two upgrades yesterday. At 205, it's a buy. But Chuck Robbins was as certain as I've ever seen him about digitization and the role of Cisco. So I really want to pound the table right here, right now on this club name. Cisco. I think it may be, at this very moment, the best stock to own of our group.

Katherine Ross: Alright, Jim. That's quite the saying. Alright. Thank you for joining me.

Jim Cramer: Chuck Robbins is doing a great job.

Katherine Ross: Yeah.

Jim Cramer: Alright. He's doing a great job.

Katherine Ross: You can't argue with that.

Katherine Ross: Alright, guys. Thanks for joining us. We'll catch you guys tomorrow.

Action Alerts PLUS, which Cramer manages as a charitable trust, is long HON, ABT, CMCSA and VIAB.