In today's Daily Rundown, Jim discusses why we are looking for a down market to buy names in our bullpen, Anadarko Petroleum Corp. (APC) , Disney's (DIS) quarterly results and its strong branding, Viacom (VIAB) , Nvidia (NVDA) , and more! Plus, Jim answers a club member's question about what he means when he says to buy Goldman Sachs (GS) at book value.

For more information about Disney's quarter, please see our Alert here. For more information on the bullpen, please see here.

Katherine Ross: Good morning, y'all. I'm Katherine Ross with Action Alerts Plus. I'm here on the floor of the NYSE with Jim Cramer. Jim, let's talk markets because you just said-

Jim Cramer: Yeah, because we're getting our wish.

Katherine Ross: Yeah.

Jim Cramer: I mean, I met with Jeff and Zev this morning and it's like, "Okay. Okay. Could something come down so we could please buy it?" I mean, our bullpen exploded higher. I mean, all the cloud kings that we wanted. We did get Salesforce, obviously, but all of the retailers that we wanted. It is about time. When you sit there in your bullpen and you're itching, we got, by the way, a conference call next week, and I'm just sitting there, I'm saying, "It's got to come down. It's got to come down."

Jim Cramer: Well, it's coming down. Now, I don't mean Anadarko, which I have been saying, like I'm sick and tired of the oils. Thank God BP exists and Schlumberger got the yield, but ... Anadarko blew it. I'm not going to blow it out down here because the assets are too good and they reaffirmed. But you know what, down respite is a good thing because everyone keeps telling me that everything is a short squeeze. And I want to prove it's not. Apple is a short squeeze. Are you kidding me? Apple is the biggest company on Earth. That ain't no short squeeze. I mean maybe Warren Buffet buying, we don't know that. He bought it in the sixties before. But I just say this is going to be the break we need. So pay attention to the bullpen.

Katherine Ross: We just talked about Disney plus. We talked about ESPN plus over -

Jim Cramer: Mmm-hmm. Yep.

Katherine Ross: But let's just talk about their quarter in general. What are your major take aways? [crosstalk 00:01:20]

Jim Cramer: Alright so look. Disney was not an important quarter. What matters very much is the April analyst meeting. I say it wasn't important because they did, short term they said is great but longer term they said look it's going to be a problem in the year gross margins. They're going to spend a lot. You either believe or you don't. You believe, I have a piece this morning about brands on RealMoney. You either believe that Disney's brand is transcendent to find it through Google. Or, you believe that it's just lost in the hubbub, and the fray. If you believe the brand is good enough, and these Fox assets too, and National Geo, if you think it's good enough, then they're going to win. If you think it's just going to be lost in the giant maw that is the web, then it's going to lose.

Jim Cramer: I think the brand is good enough and its going to win. Now, maybe that's because I was there, when I was reporting in Tallahassee I went to Disney world, before it was really anything. And I went nine times with my kids. But I just...I went nine times - seven with my kids, two with my parents, and my sister. I believe very strongly that the brand is even stronger than then, and therefore it is transcendent, and that Bob Iger will win. But it is something that is going to be debated, and I hope that the April analyst meeting answers the debate.

Katherine Ross: So...

Jim Cramer: Settles the debate, I guess.

Katherine Ross: The stock is pretty much flat right now-

Jim Cramer: Yeah, you know.

Katherine Ross: ...and I'm wondering if that's because investors are waiting until the April meeting.

Jim Cramer: Yeah, look they had it up two bucks and sometimes I just want to strangle people, and say, "Guys. Could you're not going to like what you hear on the conference call." They're going to talk about margins. But you know, Katherine, people never stop. They never stop being stupid. Oh, market's going our way. I like that.

Katherine Ross: (laughs) Alright, let's talk about Viacom, which is still up there.

Jim Cramer: Oh my god, that was fabulous. I mean, yeah, Bob Bakish is doing a great job. Now we've been saying there's two ways to win here, we'll do it on earnings, or we're going to do it on the merger with CBS, which I fully expect. Either way, it's a positive. If Bakish - CBS doesn't have anyone running it, now why is that? It's because Bakish is going to run it. Bakish is a cost-cutter, the legendary fat. By the way, if you lose Les Moonves, you save like a hundred million. I mean, jeez, the guy - that guy charged a lot! You know? So I like Viacom very much and it's not too late to get in. That's a buy right now. Right here, right now.

Katherine Ross: Softbank is selling its shares of Nvidia, what do you think?

Jim Cramer: Nvidia should be - yeah, we were thinking about really starting to get warm on Nvidia. I'm with a guy this weekend who's a gaming king. And I'm going to find out whether they're writing for Turing, I also wanna know if Rockstar's writing for Turing, which is GTA and Red Dead. Because the chip is so powerful and so good, that a lot of the video companies aren't ready for it. And that means there's a gap. So, we gotta be careful.

Katherine Ross: You know, I was talking to Jeff Marks this morning about Nvidia, and one thing that he mentioned to me is whether or not the selling is relieved, because of the...

Jim Cramer: Yeah, I think so. There was an overhang there, and that's why Nvidia went up.

Katherine Ross: Yeah.

Jim Cramer: My problem with the whole group is Nvidia is known as a gaming chip, and look at EA, look at Take Two, look at Activision Blizzard.

Katherine Ross: Not a great quarter.

Jim Cramer: Somehow, Nvidia got tied up with Cryptos. The Cryptoids are gone, I had Robert Herjavec on last night, you know him as Shark Tank, but I know him as the owner of the largest private cybersecurity company, and crypto's a joke. It's a joke. I mean, there's a guy up in Canada, if he died and people don't know his passwords, a hundred and fifty million's missing! I mean, are you crazy? Whose going to make up for that? You have a fire in your building, there's a fire department, they come and they get in your elevator or whatever. There's no government that backs up - I mean, that was unbelievable. A guy took all that money with him because of his password! And no one can crack it. Robert said he can't crack that password.

Katherine Ross: That's incredible.

Jim Cramer: Yeah.

Katherine Ross: What about earnings this week? What else is on tap for you?

Jim Cramer: Well, I don't know. I mean- oh, by the way, I got to find out about Cummins, how good Cummins was. I have to make some calls on that. I don't know, I mean we're kinda peak, this was like peak today. I don't know what else I really need to focus - it's not that bad.

Katherine Ross: Yeah.

Jim Cramer: I want the market to be flat to down, Robert Moreno, did this great piece that I use, off the charts last night. And we talked a lot about it and that's about that we could be range bound. Maybe we get up like three to seven percent. But we want to be range bound. We need to have the financials back down to levels where they can back down. We need to have the retailers come down. I like Walmart here. And then when those are done, that's fine. It's funny, you know, I was watching the State of the Union address and I said, "Oh, is there anything here I can buy?" And then I said, "No, wait until it comes down no matter what". But then he didn't give me anything to buy anyway.

Katherine Ross: (laughs) Okay, before you wrap up-[crosstalk 00:06:11]

Jim Cramer: Sure, what do you got?

Katherine Ross: ...I've got a member question for you.

Jim Cramer: What do you got for me?

Katherine Ross: Gavin is wondering, yesterday you said buy Goldman through the book.

Jim Cramer: Absolutely.

Katherine Ross: And he's wondering, can you explain what that means?

Jim Cramer: Oh, it's just like... book value is how much cash they have. Actually have. Cash on hand. So if they closed, that's how much you would get. Now, Goldman's not going to close-

Katherine Ross: And their tangible book value is $196.63?

Jim Cramer: Yeah. So there you go. Soon as it goes through that, we're going to buy. Alright?

Katherine Ross: Alright. Thanks for joining me, Jim. Thanks for joining us, guys. We'll see you tomorrow.

Action Alerts PLUS, which Cramer co-manages as a charitable trust, is long APC, DIS, VIAB, GS.