In today's Daily Rundown, Jim answers club member questions about Xilinx (XLNX) , Nvidia (NVDA) , and Cisco (CSCO) . Plus, he talks about his interest in Home Depot (HD) and more!

To re-watch our February members-only conference call where we educated club members on how to manage a stock that acted like Palo Alto Networks (PANW) did, please see here.

Katherine Ross: So Rob is wondering, is Xilinx and Nvidia, are they a buy now or a wait?

Jim Cramer: Xilinx is still a buy. I pick up Xilinx tomorrow from disobedience school. Of course, that's my younger dog. It used to be Bob Marley, but Xilinx is pretty-

Katherine Ross: Did you say disobedience school or obedience?

Jim Cramer: Disobedience school. Whack him around the head. I think that Xilinx is a buy. I would be willing to buy Nvidia here. I don't have a thesis for it. That's the problem. I just know it's down a lot, and Jensen Huang is not going to be denied.

Katherine Ross: And that Turing chip, that elusive Turing chip.

Jim Cramer: Well, they've cut price and it's going to be used and you just need more games to be written for it.

Katherine Ross: All right and Marjorie is-

Jim Cramer: And by the way, we're doing some great stuff around Helix, Zev Fima's doing ... I think we tried to produce a much longer video.

Katherine Ross: Yes, we are. We are. I'm currently working on the production plan for that.

Jim Cramer: Good. That's fantastic. You something people should stay tuned for.

Katherine Ross: Yes. Esports are so important and we'll make sure that everyone knows that.

Jim Cramer: You know, Take-Two we're trying to figure out whether to it buy or not. I mean right now, Fortnite is so strong and EA has got their ... by the way Fortnite runs on Amazon Web Service.

Katherine Ross: Really? I did not know that.

Jim Cramer: Yeah, yeah. It cost them nothing. Amazon Web Service's makes a fortune for everybody.

Katherine Ross: And EA, they're coming in and they're kind of taking away from Fortnite's players.

Jim Cramer: Yes, they are. Yes, they are.

Katherine Ross: So, that's definitely a stock to watch too, in my opinion.

Jim Cramer: Well, I'm very Bullpen oriented. Home Depot down to a level I really like.

Katherine Ross: Cool. Okay so, Marjorie is wondering if it's too late to get in on Cisco and would you recommend adding some-

Jim Cramer: No.

Katherine Ross: So, no it's not too late?

Jim Cramer: No, no because it's really inexpensive and it's just creeping up. Hey look Oracle is doing badly and look at that stock. It's creeping up. Cisco's doing well. Business is accelerating. Raw costs coming down. Is it the ideal level? I don't like to buy at 52 week high. But if you ask me of all the stocks that are at a 52 week high in the portfolio that would be the one that I'd buy.

Katherine Ross: All right and then she's also wondering should she add some CyberArk?

Jim Cramer: No. Palo Alto's now come down very heavy. Look I like CyberArk again but Palo Alto's in the fund and Palo Alto is just a very big win. I urge people to go back and look at our video from the last conference call we had. It was all about Palo Alto and how to spot it. So, it was a very educational video and I think that people need to learn. Learning is everything.

Katherine Ross: I do agree. All right Jim what else is on your mind as we enter the weekend?

Jim Cramer: Well, we're doing our distribution for charity and I'm very excited about that. We do one every year. We've given away more than two and a half million and we'll continue that trend. I set up the trust. Remember I don't take the profits from trust. They go to charity. So, I'm excited about that. I also am looking ... I'm going to do a lot of work this weekend about what is called Black ... it's 11 days of March and April that are gardening, okay. And I'm really going to try because of the Home Depot being in the Bullpen, I got to figure out whether Home Depot can make back what it didn't do during this Black Christmas period of the spring. And that's key. And that's what I'm going to work on. At the same time I am going to be getting my seeds.

Katherine Ross: And you're going to get Xilinx.

Jim Cramer: I'm going to pick up Xilinx. I'm going to analyze the Foot Locker call because what it says for Nike, maybe Nike can go to a 100. And I have to analyze a lot of the call. I didn't finish all of Splunk today. I'll finish Splunk. The Cloud Kings, VMware a great quarter. So, I have a lot of reading to do this weekend. But mainly I'm focused on the despot, Home Depot, because I think I want to add it to the ... I think I'm going to add it to Action Alerts.

Katherine Ross: Oh, that's exciting.

Jim Cramer: I really want to.

Katherine Ross: All right. I'll let you go because you got to get your reading done.

Jim Cramer: Thank you. Yep, thank you.

Katherine Ross: So, thank you for joining me. We'll catch you guys next week.