Analysis: TTWO NVDA

Following up on our Alert discussing the various ways in which the trust is exposed to gaming, we thought members would like some deeper insights into a key factor that is still missing in the realm of eSports -- statistics and analytics. Once we see eSports statistics become more widely available, we could see the door open for another major line of revenue that many are interested in and can have implications for many publicly traded companies, gambling. 

To do this, we took some time to head out to Helix eSports in New Jersey to meet with William Collis, the CEO of Team Genji, the folks looking to "Moneyball" eSports and the company behind the statistics used in Take-Two Interactive's (TTWO) NBA 2K League Draft to help teams make crucial draft decisions. We hope you enjoy! (Note: the sound is unfortunately a bit off at the beginning, this will correct after ~10 seconds)

Additionally, with the Game Developers Conference wrapping up and Nvidia (NVDA) coming back into our portfolio as it looks to make a comeback, we sat with Murphy Vandervelde the Founder of Helix eSports to bring members an inside look at an eSports/gaming facility, discuss industry trends, the hardware behind today's top gaming PCs that every competitive must have if they wish to compete at the highest level and his thoughts on the space in general.

Additionally, we address the Nvidia Turing uptake issue that had us close out our original position in October 2018 (see here). As we noted in that Alert, "we think the transition to new Turing-architecture gaming GPUs may be slower than expected," a factor we believe, given that we chose to re-initiate the position, has now been fully priced into the shares. And while we realize that members are likely well versed on the issue by now, it is always nice to see what those closest to the action are saying!

Bottom line, gaming is an industry in growth mode and while we may not own a game publisher in the portfolio, we maintain exposure through many of our tech names. We will therefore continue to update members on industry dynamics as the news flows in.