In today's Daily Rundown, Jim discusses yesterday's decision to raise cash, our multi-year growth story thesis in Five Below (FIVE) , Apple's (AAPL) card initiative, Disney (DIS) ahead of its April 11th event, the latest on China trade talk, and more!

Katherine Ross Good morning, y'all. I'm Katherine Ross with ActionAlertsPLUS. I am here on the floor of the NYSE with Jim Cramer. Jim, how are you this morning?

Jim Cramer: Well, good. This is a very exciting time for us. Not just because it's opening day for baseball, this is opening day the big IPO onslaught.

Katherine Ross You guys are raising cash.

Jim Cramer: Well we did, because we think that the way that institutions buy Lyft is sell other things to have money. In the old days you didn't have to do this, because Lyft would be so exciting and people would give money to money managers. But now the brainwashing has said because there's a lot of my measures that don't do well, brainwashing has said you've got to put your money in index fund. Index funds don't get Lyft because Lyft's not in the index.

Katherine Ross Will it be in the index going forward?

Jim Cramer: One day. I'm sure it will, but it takes a little time.

Katherine Ross What about Five Below's earnings? They announced earnings last year.

Jim Cramer: Five Below was fantastic. Now it's interesting,

Katherine Ross The guidance was weak though.

Jim Cramer: The guidance was weak but no one cared. A lot of talk about doing their new Ten Below offering. They just got into three states. This is a regional and national story, and anyone who's read One Up on Wall Street, I'll repeat that. One Up on Wall Street. Which is by the legendary Peter Lynch, knows that if you can find a concept that works in one part of the country, I'm from Philadelphia and Five Below is where it started. I've known these people for 15 years. I knew them from a previous arrangement. What you get with Five Below is a story that works throughout the country. That's why, like Dollar Tree and Dollar General, multi year path. Long runway.

Katherine Ross Is Five Below a buy now?

Jim Cramer: Oh my, that's a great question. No. The answer is no. Yeah, because we were discussing whether to take the profit because we got such a big profit. We got 26% profit. We decided to hold onto it because we were surprised at how much the market wanted PVH, how much the market really thirsted for Lulu, and Five got caught up in that. It's certainly not Nike, which did not, remember Nike I'm saying you should buy. This is a day for big caps, by the way. This is just program buying today. Merck, McDonald's, but it's not a program buying day for the healthcares, or for the large cloud king kinds of names. I managed to snare ServiceNow's John Donahoe from the crowd, has ServiceNow is just a few points from its high. That stock is a candidate to be sold to get Lyft money. But there are other people want service now so badly, they'll suck up that supply.

Katherine Ross Should members be watching out for all of the selling to get into Lyft?

Jim Cramer: I think there's price from Lyft. It's just not the price, If they're going to open it, if it goes to 100, I'm not going to tell people to buy it because it's too in excess over the original 75 target that I had. So no. 90 yes, 100 no.

Katherine Ross What about Apple? We've talked about it for a while now.

Jim Cramer: There is a cross currents, people feel that the launch didn't have anything new. Zev Fima did a great video about whether it did have something new or not. It's the card, the card which you correctly pointed out in our free video, is got interest, but that's Goldman. They get risk/reward. I feel strongly that the price to earnings multiples of both Goldman and Apple will be raised by the card. That is shared by no one . I don't even know if Apple shares it. But I don't care. I was the one, and they'll tell you this, they'd say you got to break out services revenue. I did it time and again. I was a big pain in the butt on it, I was unstoppable, I would not stop. Break out service, break out service is like Jim, we know you want to break out service. Jim, we know. Jim, we totally get it. Yes, we get it. Then one day they broke it out.

Katherine Ross RBC had a note on Disney this morning. Do you think that if a investor, if a member is looking to get into a catalyst, that Disney is that?

Jim Cramer: Disney has this April meeting, okay? At that April meeting, I believe that Bob Iger will guide down. The question is will he guide down like CVS which crushed us? Or will he guide down like what people expected, and then the stocks will rocketship. So I'm saying buy some now, and then buy some after the guide down.

Katherine Ross What do you think about all the trade headlines that we got going on?

Jim Cramer: I think that Peter Navarro will prevail. Peter Navarro is a hardliner. This is about military, South China Sea, Remember General Mattis was adamant that the Chinese get the hell out and stop militarizing it. [inaudible 00:04:38] which we know that maybe they compromise, maybe they don't, but they've been stealing for years. It's about worldwide hegemony. The 2025 initiative. That has to be repealed. So there's a lot there. This morning there was good articles in the papers about how China doesn't want to lose face and I come back and say that is mainstream media. That's the mainstream media not understanding. It's not about Chinese losing face, it's about Chinese losing employment, it's about Chinese losing strength in economy. They need us more than we need them.

Katherine Ross Now I got to ask. I know I've asked this so many times. But do you think that any more trade headlines, maybe not today's, but do you think that going forward, any more trade headlines will impact our market?

Jim Cramer: Absolutely. I just continue to do reporting on this, and stay tuned. Stay tuned, perhaps on Real Money. What I'm hearing, okay?

Katherine Ross All right, on Real Money. Is there anything else you're watching the markets today?

Jim Cramer: Yeah. I'm watching Boeing. Boeing, thank you Matt Horween, Boeing is not going down. [crosstalk 00:05:44] Boeing is not going down. That's important. It's got like a 368 floor. So we discussed whether to add Boeing to the bullpen. That's how good it is. I mean, what more can they throw at Boeing? It's not like Facebook where every time they throw it goes down. So Boeing's worth watching.

Katherine Ross All right Jim, thank you for joining us.

Jim Cramer: Thank you.

Katherine Ross We'll see you guys tomorrow.

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