In today's Daily Rundown, Jim discusses the content deal between Viacom (VIAB) and T-Mobile (TMUS) (we also wrote about the agreement here), DowDuPont (DWDP) and Dow Inc (DOW) , today's big move in the semiconductors (including Nvidia (NVDA) and Lam Research (LRCX) ), CVS Health (CVS) vs. Walgreens (WBA) , Disney (DIS) , Home Depot (HD) , UnitedHealth Group (UNH) , and more!

Plus, he answers a club member question about Cisco (CSCO) . 

Katherine Ross: Hey y'all, I'm Katherine Ross with ActionAlertsPLUS. I am here on the floor of the NYSE with Jim Cramer. Jim, let's chat about this Viacom/T-Mobile deal that just hit the wires.

Jim Cramer: Yeah, I was back and forth with John Ledger today on Twitter. I urge you to look at my Twitter column and you'll see where he thinks it's a total game changer and something he's working tirelessly for his T-Mobile people. Viacom obviously once again tying up with very futuristic, really going forward, they had an acquisition recently that'd be good for over the top. I just think that Viacom is suddenly making an incredible number of moves. They got back on DirecTV. Read our piece this morning. I think it really give you a great insight to how important this T-Mobile tie up really is.

Katherine Ross: You guys had a win with Viacom because you bought some earlier this week.

Jim Cramer: We're not doing well enough. We're not doing well enough. We're still below our basis so that's embarrassing to me. I was in touch with Viacom today I said, "Come on. Do better. Do better."

Katherine Ross: All right. Let's also chat about Dow and DowDuPont. Yesterday they had a pretty good day of trading. What do you think about that?

Jim Cramer: Yeah. Well, Dow is very good. It's got a very good dividend. DowDuPont was recommended as a buy in many places today. The down side has been so quantified here. The Missouri floods have been terrible so crop protection is not as good as we'd like. They do need a China deal, but Dow Chemical is cheap.

Katherine Ross: We chatted about Nvidia and Semiconductors a little bit on the free Facebook Live.

Jim Cramer: We need to talk about Nvidia at our conference call next Friday. I mean Nvidia's on fire. We missed the first 40 points. Why? Because after you pre-announce, typically you do not expect the stock to take off but if you notice, Apple took off after. I also wanted a little bit more color on whether they were finally through the inventory. I've been talking back and forth with Jeff and Zev about this resurgence in Bitcoin and what it means. I don't want to see that come back. If it comes back, fine. They're a beneficiary, but I like a steady stream. Jensen Huang back and Nvidia looks very good here.

Katherine Ross: You guys bought some at 170. You sold some-

Jim Cramer: That's not good enough, we sold it at 280. No, not good enough. I should have bought it at 150. 170's better than most.

Katherine Ross: Let's talk about Cisco because I've got a member question for you.

Jim Cramer: On Cisco?

Katherine Ross: On Cisco. Now, Anthony P. is wondering what are your latest thoughts around Cisco?

Jim Cramer: Chuck Robbins is reinventing a company. Still has a low multiple. He's taking it from being a hardware company to a software company, subscription software so it's recurring. I like the fact that he's made a series of acquisitions that really made it so it is the internet of things. More importantly, he's focused very much on cyber security and 5G. It has all the things, software defining networks. Software defining networks, internet of things, 5G, I mean, come on. This company is everything you want with raw costs going down because DRAMs are coming down. It will be the first quarter that they've benefited from that. It's one of my favorite stocks even up here.

Katherine Ross: Walgreen's versus CVS, your thoughts?

Jim Cramer: Walgreen's and CVS both saw that there is going to be a squeeze in generics and a squeeze in rebates, in reimbursements from the government. What CVS did, it had a PBM already. It bought Caremark, which is good because the PBMs are really cracking down. It also bought Aetna, in order to be able to make it so that if you stop in a store you can have a clinic, you can use Aetna. It's a really, really smart tie up. Merlo's getting no credit for it because he already had the lower earnings. I do think that what's happened here, it's very important to know is that I thought Walgreen's should have lowered earnings the same time. Walgreen's was bush league. They talked about digitization. They don't really have a handle on things. Merlo has a handle on things and they're much less vulnerable than Walgreen's. Walgreen's is much more like Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Katherine Ross: In what way?

Jim Cramer: Well, they don't have a digital strategy.

Katherine Ross: Okay. Anything else that you're watching today? You said on Facebook Live that the afternoon's going to be kind of iffy. What's going on?

Jim Cramer: Disney was a piece today out of Barclay's saying, "Look, here's the stakes." The stakes are very high. Which means if they guide down, I think it's going to be hard. Home Depot, I reiterate, is going to I think have a very good Spring. The stock keeps going up but it's well off its highs. I think that's a terrific place to be. I think United Health is now starting to bottom. It's been in free fall and it's not an expensive stock. I think people ought to take a hard look at it. When I go over what I do like, remember, I look at Dell. I continue to like Dell but it's not right to pull the trigger. I just think that if you get a China deal, obviously a lot of our stocks will go up, but I'm not anticipating a big China deal this week.

Katherine Ross: All right, Jim, thank-

Jim Cramer: Remember I'll talk a lot about these things at our conference call, which is next Friday, which is integral to being a club member.

Katherine Ross: Remember, next Friday guys. All right, Jim. Thanks for joining us.

Jim Cramer: Thank you.

Katherine Ross: We'll see you guys tomorrow.

Action Alerts PLUS, which Cramer co-manages as a charitable trust, is long VIAB, DWDP, DOW, NVDA, LRCX, CVS, DIS, HD, UNH, CSCO.