In today's Daily Rundown, Jim Cramer discusses the markets, our Starbucks (SBUX) trim, United Airlines (UAL) new order for 25 Boeing (BA) 737 MAX aircrafts, Walmart (WMT) hiring two senior bankers away from Goldman Sachs (GS) to head their new fintech startup, and more!

KATHERINE ROSS: Good Monday morning. I'm Katherine Ross. I'm joined, as always, by Jim Cramer. So Jim, this morning you tweeted that you upgraded a lot of stocks last week for the portfolio and that you will take some exposure off the table. So what should our members pay attention to?

JIM CRAMER: Well, no, no, no, no, no.


JIM CRAMER: What I said was, there's some great opportunities, OK? And in order to have those great opportunities I did need some cash, because we put a lot of money to work.

So what we did was we looked at Starbucks, which has had a monster run. It was up very big on Friday. And we need that capital because there's some new names that we've been adding to. And we don't want to go too far. We've put a lot of money to work into the sell off. But we needed to fund that money, because just in case we get a tough number on Friday.

But our upgrades were designed, as I would tell you for the Club, when some companies come down in value, like a Costco comes down, like I don't want to-- oil's up a dollar. Let me see. Oil's-- no, no, we're OK.

But when you look at Costco, Costco's been straight down. OK, so it's at $335. It went down to $329 at one point.

And then Walmart has been horrible, OK? It's down how many straight points? Let's take a look at Walmart. And this is an example of what I said.

Listen, if Walmart keeps coming down-- I mean, Walmart was at $147, and it went to $129. And here they're doing this terrific bank. For all I know it might have crypto. They're doing it with the outfit that does Robinhood.

So I mention this because what I wanted was to reposition. You take stocks like Starbucks that are at their all time high, and you put them into the companies that have just been slaughtered. And there were some people this weekend that were saying, Jim, I don't see where the pain is.

Well, the pain has been in retail. And the stocks have been awful. And I want the capital to be able to buy them. And I also want everyone to buy them.

Because remember, a lot of times what we do is we'll upgrade something. And we already have full position. But we want you to know that we had a one. Then we took it to a two. And when it got down so much, we obviously want you to buy it.

But in order for us to be able to buy them when they come down, if they keep coming down, we need more capital. And that's why we sold Starbucks.

KATHERINE ROSS: OK, so of all the stocks that you guys own, why was it Starbucks that you decided to trim?

JIM CRAMER: Well, it went to an all time high.


JIM CRAMER: And that was rather shocking. There was no news. And it just was wrong.

I mean, people think it's an opening trade. They're not ready to be able to necessarily make a lot more money. They're doing well in China. So we took some off the table because we like to sell when we have a winner that's gotten up huge.

We were buying that stock in the $50s. The day we bought a lot was the day when we actually had a conference call like we have on Thursday at 11:30. And it was the day that Bill Ackman said that hell is coming or something. And it knocked the stock down to $52.

So here we are. We're at $108. And my rules say if you catch a double, you got to take some off the table.

KATHERINE ROSS: And Jim, following a thesis that you've been talking about extensively on here, that we're going to see more orders for Boeing jets once we start to see the reopening trade come alive, but United actually ordered 25 new Boeing 737 Max jets.

JIM CRAMER: Yeah, Boeing's only up $13. Now, earlier today Boeing was up a great amount when I broke the story that this was a new order. That was important, cause they already had an order. They had an order for 25 planes.

No, it's almost at its high. It was at $227. It's $224. They had an order for 25 planes. And then they put in another order for 25, immediate. They want them immediate.

Now, Boeing has them immediate. And so they kind of jumped the queue. And because they jumped the queue, they got the 25 planes. And that's an opening trade, both for United Airlines and for Boeing.

We don't own any airlines. I like Southwest more because they have such good discipline. But that's a-- oh, man, interest rates, god. But that's a really, really good opening stock and--

A good vacation-- You know, a good stock. What do these people-- no, I don't want these people in my face. That interest rate, wow, 2.1% for the 20-year. I think that that's going to cause some problems today.

But I really think that when you look at what's the best opening trade, if you're going to start getting orders like United Airlines, well, I mean, I got to tell you, that is just right in Boeing's sweet spot. Because they had a very hard time selling these Max. And if they can get this Max off their lot and in the air, wow. And I don't think people are checking to see whether something's a Max. I don't know.

KATHERINE ROSS: So Jim, at the top of the show you mentioned Walmart. There is news around the stock. They did reportedly poach two senior Goldman bankers who will head up the company's fintech startup. I mean, is this proof that we can really take this new venture seriously?

JIM CRAMER: Well, I mean, I think that those are people who are heavyweight people at Goldman. I know David Solomon wishes them well. I do think that their job was kind of done. They set up Marcus. Marcus is very good. And this is a new challenge.

I think that it shows you that Walmart is not resting on its laurels. They also got rid of the $35 fee for certain-- I've got to-- I don't want to-- Matt Horween told me about this. Let me just see if I can get this, cause it's really important. Cause it shows you that Walmart is coming out swinging everywhere. What they're doing is they're getting rid of some fees for delivery that they had. And they scrapped the $35 minimum order for express delivery. So they're doing a lot.

This is what my prediction was. If you remember, they did all these things once before. They reset. The stock got hammered. And then it was off to the races. And I think the same thing's going to happen.

It may not be yet because Walmart's still trickling out things. But I really like what they're doing. And I think that what they're doing is to go head to head against Amazon, and they have a shot. So I think it's a very good situation and should be bought aggressively.

KATHERINE ROSS: All right, and with that, that's a wrap for today. Thank you so much for joining, Jim, as always. And members, thank you for tuning in. I'm Katherine Ross, and we'll see you tomorrow.

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