In today's Rundown, Jim discusses speculation in the markets, Tuesday's "Off the Charts" segment on Costco (COST) and Walmart (WMT) , price target hikes on Wells Fargo (WFC) and Boeing (BA) , an upgrade of Advanced Micro (AMD) , the Nike (NKE) boycott in China, and more!

Jim's Daily Rundown: Thursday, Mar. 25th

KATHERINE ROSS: Welcome to The Daily Rundown. I'm Katherine Ross. And I'm I am as always by Jim Cramer. Jim, what should members be watching in this market?

JIM CRAMER: Well, I think you got to watch the fact that the big speculative give up is occurring that people are going to come back and be more grounded. We're going to lose some people, clearly. We're going to lose people who speculated too much. They're going to get blown out.

If you want to know what you should be buying right, now we have Larry Williams telling us go buy Costco and Walmart. I agree with that. Those are good opportunities. But, in general, I think that people who've been involved in these small cap stocks that are running and gunning, or people who are involved with companies that need money, like a QuantumScape where they end up having to do a deal at 40 where, finally, it does work, but they should have pulled the deal, that's good. And I feel that this is really important.

If you're doing nothing but speculation and you haven't taken anything off the table, I want you to turn me off, and I want you to cancel Action Alerts. So I don't want you reading-- I don't want you in the club. I mean, you're antithetical to what I preach. And I am preaching I want people to take a profit when they have a profit in one of these SPACs. If the profit, say, is more than 50%, just take it off.

KATHERINE ROSS: Jim, we have a couple of analyst notes that I want to get to on some of the holdings. So I want to do this quite quickly. First of all, I want to start with Wells Fargo. They got an outperform rating reiterated at Credit Suisse. And the price target was raised to $45 from $40. Does this reiterate what your thoughts are?

JIM CRAMER: That's made a ton of sense. Charlie Scharf is cleaning that thing up. It can make a lot of money. That's a perfect example of a stock to buy. Yet, it came down. It has got the most upside versus every other bank because it's got new management. And it can begin the dividend process soon. And I think that Charlie Scharf is going to make it so Wells Fargo is as lucrative as it used to be. And that's a big deal.

KATHERINE ROSS: And then we've got Bank of America raising Boeings price target to $265. Is it time to buy BA in your eyes?

JIM CRAMER: I think that Boeing is sensational. You know, when you see that United, Phil LaBeau talked this morning about how United is adding routes. And then you look at Boeing, and you see it's down six. That's nonsensical. It's time to buy Boeing when you see that route enlargement.

KATHERINE ROSS: And then we've got AMD, Jim, that was upgraded at Northland to outperform. Did you like--

JIM CRAMER: AMD enough. I mean, the stock is getting killed again. You know, Intel can put-- I mean, this stock is down 20 points. I mean, that's just-- when people say to me, Jim, I am tired. I'm getting killed. I'm getting killed. I'm getting killed. And I see it on Reddit, and I see it everywhere on Twitter.

OK, so reposition yourself, and start buying things that are down a lot that are really good that maybe shouldn't be down this much. That's what I think.

KATHERINE ROSS: And then we've got Nike facing a boycott in China over sourcing from the--

JIM CRAMER: This is worrisome because we don't know-- we don't know-- when you see a stock down seven on very big volume, that means there's institutions that are trying to clear out. If you want to buy the stock, wait till 3:40. The institutions will be done, and you'll find out the true level.

KATHERINE ROSS: Do you think this story could have a long-term impact on Nike, or is it a short-term issue in your eyes right now?

JIM CRAMER: No. I think that in the end, the government likes them. In the end, if they say nothing more than they said, then they're fine. But they can't say any more. They're too much on the radar screen.

KATHERINE ROSS: And finally, Jim, we've got a member question from Mike who is asking, should he sell his stake in BMY? He has owned for over two years--


KATHERINE ROSS: --and buy Lily?

JIM CRAMER: No, no. We have MyoKardia statements coming out soon. We've got some pretty good-- more good stuff coming out from what they bought with Celgene. That's a fool's errand to sell that stock. Just like it would be wrong to sell RH because we have Gary Freeman tonight.

KATHERINE ROSS: So he shouldn't sell-- so you say that you shouldn't sell, but he wants to buy Lily. What's your advice there?

JIM CRAMER: Lily killed us. You know, I got snookered by Lily. And I was going it over with Jeff Marks and Zev Fima, and saying, look, is it time to really pull the trigger? And the answer is that we do have Fridays. Tomorrow, we're unrestricted. So we will be buying Lily.

KATHERINE ROSS: All right, Mike, there you go. You have your answer. Jim, thank you as always for joining us today.

JIM CRAMER: Thank you.

KATHERINE ROSS: Members, thank you for tuning in. I'm Katherine Ross, and we'll see you tomorrow.

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