In today's Rundown, Jim discusses the markets and explains why Microsoft (MSFT) and Nvidia (NVDA) are the two keys to the market today for club members. He also discusses bullish reports on Alphabet (GOOGL) , his upcoming interview with J.P. Morgan retail analyst Matthew Boss, and some of the upcoming earnings reports within the portfolio.

Also, Jim answers a club member's question about Nvidia in light of the news that the United Kingdom has issued an Intervention Notice on the company's pending acquisition of Arm due to national security concerns.

KATHERINE ROSS: This is The Daily Rundown. It is Monday, April 19th. I'm Katherine Ross, and I'm joined by Jim Cramer. Jim, I have to ask you what the key to this market for members is today.

JIM CRAMER: For members, the key to this market, I would say Microsoft, which got one of the greatest pushes today saying, listen, it's going to have an unbelievable quarter. The stock is down $1.70. That's a little surprising. But that would be the key.

And the second one is Nvidia because it looks like Nvidia is going to be turned down to be able to buy ARM Holdings. And people were really hoping that that would not happen. That's the British mergers and acquisitions group that seems to question-- question whether it wouldn't lead shortages on their own. So that is probably dead.

KATHERINE ROSS: So, Jim, we talked about your stop trading over on TheStreet Live, earlier, which was Alphabet. But I want to dig into it a little bit more because we did get a lot of positive analyst notes about the internet-- internet advertising. And so I'm wondering, Jim, for members who already own Alphabet, what do these notes tell you about Alphabet here and where it can go?

JIM CRAMER: Well, I mean, usually when you get that cluster, that means you're going to have a giant upside surprise. And you can't-- it's sometimes the people they talk to, the contacts, it can't avoid saying, hey, listen, this is just really great. You got a 4/27-- reports at 4/27. It is at its all time high. It'll be pretty interesting to see if it can pierce it. It's got to be picture perfect in order to do that given the fact it's moved so much.

KATHERINE ROSS: So I did tease over on TheStreet Live as well-- I teased your interview with Mathew Boss later tonight. But I also want to ask you, Jim, he has a note on Nike based on a fireside chat with the CFO where he reiterated his positive thoughts here. So first, let's start with that.

JIM CRAMER: Well, I mean, that's kept me from going to Jeff and Zev and saying, listen, I think we should dump the rest of Nike. I'm not certain of Nike. I've got something I want to add. I don't want to reveal it here, but I feel that if I get rid of Nike, I can sleep better at night.

KATHERINE ROSS: Well, and what do you want to hear from him based on-- I know that you want to hear a little bit more from American Eagle, who you had on Mad Money last week. But what else do you want to hear from Boss tonight when you sit down with him?

JIM CRAMER: Well, look, I'm looking to hear about the mall. How is it possible that the mall is doing well? How's it possible? What happened? Did people just decide to go back to the mall and it's really good again? I mean, it sure has seemed like it.

KATHERINE ROSS: Well, and it's weird, Jim, because who would think that we'd be having this discussion after having years of discussions about the death of the mall that finally it's rebounding after COVID of all things.

JIM CRAMER: We have to find out. I don't know the reason for it. It just seems crazy to me.

KATHERINE ROSS: And while we're talking about things that we want to hear, we have a slew of earnings reports coming out this week. We've got Abbott. We've got Crown Castle, Union Pacific, and Honeywell. I mean, Jim, how do you want members to approach this week?

JIM CRAMER: Well, I think Abbott's going to be amazing. I think Honeywell is going to be amazing. You got a bunch of new divisions that they're not even talking about. Crown Castle I think has moved so much. I am wary of it. I'm wary of it. I mean, it's all the way back to 180, tempting to trim some. But I like the stock so much. I do-- you know. There are certain stocks that I really, really like, and that's one of them.

KATHERINE ROSS: All right, and I want to end this show by asking a member question from Michael S., who is asking, with the United Kingdom issuing an intervention notice on Nvidia's pending acquisition of ARM and national-- based on national security concerns, how are you currently thinking about Nvidia?

JIM CRAMER: Nvidia-- that deal is dead I think. Maybe they can appeal, but historically, it's been dead. And with the stock being up so much, I could understand why people would take profits. I don't want to because I just believe in the company so much.

KATHERINE ROSS: Well, Jim, I mean, I don't know if this is something that's based-- what you're thinking about when you say that the ARM deal is dead. But they- Nvidia has been facing so much pressure not only now from Europe, but also from China on this deal.

JIM CRAMER: Well, yeah, I mean, Nvidia tried-- Nvidia did its best and it took a shot. And it looks like it's not going to be approved.

KATHERINE ROSS: But the long-term term strategy here you think is still--

JIM CRAMER: I think the long term strategy is very intact.

KATHERINE ROSS: All right, I think that's the perfect note to end on, Jim. Thank you for joining us today.

JIM CRAMER: Thank you. Happy Monday, all. I'm Katherine Ross, and we'll see you tomorrow.

Action Alerts PLUS, which Cramer co-manages as a charitable trust, is long MSFT, NVDA and GOOGL.