Analysis: NVDA PYPL BA

In today's Daily Rundown, Jim discusses the Nvidia (NVDA) four-for-one stock split, yesterday's initiation of PayPal (PYPL) , his take on a report from Reuters that said Boeing (BA) plans to increase output of the 737 MAX to 42 jets per month by late 2022 according to sources, and more!

KATHERINE ROSS: Happy Friday, y'all. This is the Daily Rundown. It is Friday, May 21. I'm Katherine Ross. And I'm joined, as always, by Jim Cramer. Jim, what is the key to the market following this sort of volatile week?

JIM CRAMER: Well, I'm actually watching Nvidia. Because Nvidia is splitting four for one. And typically, that's not really been met with anything. In part because you have four pieces of the same company that you had one piece of. But it's igniting the stock, which tells me that a lot of these stocks that are in the $400, $500, $600, $700, $1,000, $1,100, maybe they ought to think about what Nvidia is doing. Because it's obvious that retail's looking for a way to get in. And when you do a four for one, that's very positive for retail.

KATHERINE ROSS: Well, I'm glad that you mention that. Because I guess for members who-- they've gotten your commentary on it. But what do you want their approach to be to Nvidia at this point?

JIM CRAMER: Well, Nvidia is, I think, going to have a good quarter when it reports about the report. It has got artificial intelligence. It's got machine learning. It's the query. I mean, when you think about Nvidia, you have to remember like when you go to Alexa and you say, play me the Balfa Brothers, you know, Cajun music. What happens is is that's on a Nvidia chip. And the Nvidia card, so to speak, then translates it to the part of the hardware that generates the songs. That's very exciting. So Nvidia, I think, is a great company. But I don't think it should be up 10 on a split announcement.

KATHERINE ROSS: Well, speaking of excitement, Jim, the portfolio initiated a position in PayPal. Why did you guys pull the trigger on the stock here?

JIM CRAMER: Well, we had been saying over and over again that if we ever got a break, we would just go buy some PayPal. And why? Because PayPal really is banking the world. PayPal is going to be the MasterCard and the Visa of the world. It's going to replace everything else in your wallet by just being on the PC. It's a very well-run company. I'm glad that we were able to buy it. I hope it comes down so we can buy more.

KATHERINE ROSS: Let's talk about this Reuters report on Boeing this morning, Jim, which you have managed to get your sources to say that this is not true, that Boeing is not discussing a plan to increase output in 2022, as Reuters, I believe they said, industry sources are reporting?

JIM CRAMER: Yea they cited industry sources. Now, I presume that that's someone who wants to sell a lot of planes and make companies feel like, wow, I better get in there and buy a plane before they raise the price. Because the company will not confirm it at all to me. The company says, listen, we're going to do-- we have good models. We're ready for 2022. There was nothing to it.

I mean, it's consistent with what they've been saying, which is if this happens, and this happens, and this happens, then we'll do well. But the ones that are supposed to do well nothing's happened. You know, there's no orders. There's no airlines kicking the tires that we know. So let's just don't own Boeing for that. Near-term Boeing is going to be under distribution. And I do love long-term and have a small position in it for Action Alerts. I'd like to be bigger.

KATHERINE ROSS: All right. So let's talk about that a little bit, Jim. Because members should know. I mean, they already know this, right, that one of the beauties of being part of this club is these exclusive conversations with you where we can talk about the fact that you were able to find out pretty quickly that a report was incorrect on a company, which is sending the company higher. And they get the advice, too. So you like Boeing long-term. You want to build the position for Action Alerts PLUS. What should the members do when they're looking at you right now?

JIM CRAMER: Well, I mean, look, I want to see it go under $200. I mean, because we have a great basis for your $180s. But I do think that I wish I had more. Because this is the company that is the most industrial, that could have something really big happen, China ordering, perhaps or someone buying out all of the MAXs. There's a lot of things that could happen here. And there's a lot of them that are positive. And the only thing that's negative is if they don't sell any planes.

KATHERINE ROSS: All right. And let's end with the conversations that you're having with Jeff and Zev ahead of the weekend.

JIM CRAMER: OK. I want more on Estée Lauder and more on Wynn. And I'm working on those. I think that I'll get more. Oh, also Take-Two-- we like Take-Two very much. We like that quarter. But that's the things I'm looking at.

KATHERINE ROSS: All right, Jim, thank you for joining us this week.

JIM CRAMER: Thank you.

KATHERINE ROSS: Members, thank you for tuning in. I'm Katherine Ross. And we'll see you on Monday.

JIM CRAMER: Thank you, guys.

Action Alerts PLUS, which Cramer co-manages as a charitable trust, is long NVDA, PYPL and BA.