In today's Daily Rundown, Jim discusses the latest market action, semiconductor names Nvidia (NVDA) , Marvell Tech (MRVL) , and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) , upcoming earnings from Nvidia, Costco (COST) , and Salesforce (CRM) , and more!

KATHERINE ROSS: This is The Daily Rundown. It is Monday, May 24. I'm Katherine Ross. And I am joined, as always, by Jim Cramer. Jim, what is the key to this market for members?

JIM CRAMER: Well, look, I am looking at a robust market. And sometimes I wonder whether we're back into the world of mutual fund Monday, where money comes in because it's bountiful, and people don't know what to do with it. So they buy index funds.

And we're seeing that. We're seeing across the board buying, which tells me that's just index fund buying. There are some situations that aren't working. Boeing's down a little. We see Ford. We've commented on that down a little. But, in general, this is just big term buying of everything. And that means that people are looking for something to do with their capital, and they're finding it in the stock market.

KATHERINE ROSS: I'm curious if you see any linkage between the action in the cryptocurrency markets and the action in tech that we're seeing.

JIM CRAMER: I think that people just genuinely like to buy tech when crypto's doing well. Now, look, I totally understand Nvidia. Nvidia has a card for Ethereum. And if people are digging for Ethereum, people probably say, you know what? I got to go buy Nvidia.

I think that's stupid, because it's a very small part of the business. But I do think that Nvidia is trapped by the crypto people.

KATHERINE ROSS: So Marvell got a price target increase from Piper Sandler. It's to $55 from $50 after the analysts integrated the Inphi acquisition into their models. I'm wondering if you agreed with this note, Jim.

JIM CRAMER: Yeah, I didn't understand. This stock has been biding its time in between $48 and $44 over, and over, and over again after a terrific quarter. And it did breach into the $50s before. I think this piece is very prescient.

I think that I would emphasize that what they did was move aggressively into the cloud, into cloud infrastructure, not just 5G. And the stock should go much higher. It's at $46. It spent a considerable amount of time at $52. I think it'll do the same thing again.

KATHERINE ROSS: So if you think it's going to go much higher, is now a good time to buy, even though it's up, what? 2% today?

JIM CRAMER: Yes, absolutely. Absolutely. I think it's a terrific time to buy, just terrific.

KATHERINE ROSS: OK, and you mentioned Nvidia at the beginning. But I want to talk about it again, because they do have an earnings report on Wednesday. What do you want to hear from the company?

JIM CRAMER: Well, I'd like to hear some resolution about whether they're going to be able to get Arm Holdings or not. I also want to hear that they've got-- I want to hear more of their AI. Because their AI sounds astounding, beyond what I've heard already. And that would be terrific, cause they've got such a great story to tell.

KATHERINE ROSS: So other earnings reports that we're expecting to see are Costco and Salesforce. Let's start with Costco. What do you want to hear from them?

JIM CRAMER: Well, Costco I want to hear e-commerce build out. I want to hear bigger. I want to hear samples, believe it or not. I want to hear food court. I want to hear how big these are. I want to hear expansion plans.

I would love to be able to hear that they're putting more up in China. I'd like to be able to see whether they can make 24 this year or 25. Because obviously they make their money with the fees. I think Costco's fine.

Would I buy Costco here? No, it's up 4. I'd wait.

KATHERINE ROSS: And then Salesforce, Jim, which we did get a Wedbush note from Dan Ives on this stock ahead of earnings.

JIM CRAMER: Yeah, Look, I love Salesforce. But I would advise people to not buy it ahead of earnings. Why? Because it has historically traded down. The earnings are never enough. And until they close the Slack deal, the earnings will be never enough.

KATHERINE ROSS: OK, and then we have a member question from Michael S, Jim. Do you think that AMD's new $4 billion buyback program will help the stock?

JIM CRAMER: Absolutely, it's a big deal. And I think it's one of the reasons why to buy the stock. I'm pounding the table very hard, AMD.

KATHERINE ROSS: All right, and what kind of conversations are you having with Jeff and Zev today?

JIM CRAMER: About whether we should trim NLOCK, whether we should trim some Lilly. And we all agreed that we had already trimmed enough, and we're going to let things ride.

KATHERINE ROSS: Thank you for joining us today, Jim. I'm Katherine Ross, and we will see you tomorrow.

JIM CRAMER: Thank you.

Action Alerts PLUS, which Cramer co-manages as a charitable trust, is long NVDA, MRVL, AMD, COST and CRM.