In today's Daily Rundown, Jim Cramer discusses earnings from Ford (F) , PayPal (PYPL) , and Facebook (FB) and how to approach Amazon (AMZN) ahead of tonight's report.

He also talks about Nucor (NUE) was a way to play an infrastructure package.

JEFF MARKS: Happy Thursday, everyone. This is the Daily Rundown. I'm Jeff Marks, standing on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange with Jim Cramer. Jim, let's jump right into earnings. Last night, I think, Ford was the standout posting that surprise profit. People were looking for a loss here.

JIM CRAMER: And also what they're doing. They're doing two things. One, they're only selling cars and trucks where they can make money. They've gotten out of all the markets that are bad. And then the other is, they're using the order model. And they're telling you how many orders they have. It's very Tesla like, and people love the Tesla like. I'm not sure all the franchises like it, but this guy's running herd over everybody. He wants Ford to be successful. And you do need an order model when you're doing these EV trucks. You have to figure out how many are you going to make.

It's astounding on a conference call. Like they are not so hidebound that they didn't understand that Farley's so different. Farley does not want to make more than he needs, and he does want to make less than he needs. Classic merchant. He's a merchant. And the product line, the Mustang Mach-E 5 is the second best selling electric vehicle in the country.

JEFF MARKS: And profitable, by the way--

JIM CRAMER: And profitable. And people were very suspicious, how could it be profitable? Again, the guy is about making profitable cars and trucks. And it's going to be a long run here. And I think that people who are just now first timers, I'm telling you, I urge you to make this the keystone of your portfolio.

JEFF MARKS: Let's hit Facebook next. Yesterday, you called it. You said shares we're going to trade lower after the print.

JIM CRAMER: I knew with this guy, the CFO. CFOs always like to say things are dramatically decelerating. They're not, they're not. OK this is a classic UPOD under promise over deliver, as is, by the way, PayPal. And so that's why we always keep powder dry. Look, if we didn't have positions or even if we had positions, I would tell you right now, just go buy. Go buy some Paypal, go buy some Paypal. Maybe even buy some Facebook - wreck our basis which is like, I don't know.

JEFF MARKS: Very low.

JIM CRAMER: Very low.

JEFF MARKS: All right, let's talk about PayPal. So they did miss and they did lower guidance. But that's really because they're just ripping off the band-aid on that eBay migration.

JIM CRAMER: We've been waiting. How many times? It's funny because I talked to Dan, probably 100 times. He always said, "Look, there's going to come a day where I'm going to have to say, look, this is the real trouble with eBay." eBay, by the way, is doing so well that the actual gross merchandise volume is up and the pain is not nearly as bad as it would have been, say six months ago.

But Dan, did not update his thinking about that. I think that people should be focused on the Venmo numbers, on the numbers of merchants, on this success of buy now, pay later.


JIM CRAMER: if I were Affirm if I were Max, I'd have to be a little worried. They're doing so well with Buy now, pay later. They have done so many things in their core business of helping merchants, helping customers, in Venmo, that this is your chance to buy. Because everybody should have known what he said.

JEFF MARKS: So let's think about this here. So if the underlying growth story is intact. And underlying growth, meaning it was down because of eBay, which is going to be gone soon. That makes you want to buy a secular story when it pulls back like this.

JIM CRAMER: Absolutely. Yeah, I think that uniquely, in the case of PayPal, you must look at how it is traded after every quarter. It's always been the chance to get in. When we had a position in PayPal earlier, we made a lot of money. There were several days that used to be these analysts who hated PayPal, they're no longer on the sell side. And they were crushed at day two. This one, I don't think there will be a day two. I think you need to start buying right here.

JEFF MARKS: Yeah, I think this is the third round of being invested in PayPal since the charitable trust started. And it's been a lot of gains since then.

JIM CRAMER: All good. We've got to get back on the Mastercard too. Oh my God, Mastercard was great. But yeah, I'm excited about the opportunity for people like you to get involved.

JEFF MARKS: Jim, let's talk infrastructure next. We did see a bipartisan agreement in the Senate, and it says, it's going to push forward. And we're seeing some big moves in some of these stocks. Nucor is up big, Cleveland Cliff's up big.

JIM CRAMER: Nucor, Topalian the CEO. And he said, "Look, this would be the single best thing in the world for Nucor. They're ready, they've got the steel nobody else does." Cleveland Cliff has some, but by no means the capacity Nucor has. Nucor is going to make a fortune here. And you got to buy Nucor.

JEFF MARKS: Yeah, I think I saw Hot Rolled Steel. The commodity price was at a new high today.

JIM CRAMER: I know it's going higher. There's a lot of stocks really working here, a lot of them we own. But Nucor here, we're up on it and I know that people were very angry. I was angry myself remember the last call. But I said, buy it, buy it, buy it, buy it. Still buy it. It's six times next year's earnings. That's crazy.

JEFF MARKS: All right now we do have the last of the FAANG stocks reporting tonight, that's going to be Amazon reporting earnings after the bell. We did hear some great things about digital advertising from the Facebook's, and Alphabet, and Twitter, and e-commerce.

JIM CRAMER: I'm worried, because the United Parcel. I'm worried because what happens if they say, listen, that was a one time only thing. I think they'll be better than that. Remember they have Amazon Web Services is doing very well. I'm thrilled. Now unfortunately, I got to go run to do the next thing.

JEFF MARKS: Absolutely. No problem. It's just always great to get your thoughts.

JIM CRAMER: OK, thank you.

JEFF MARKS: All right.

JIM CRAMER: I got to go back uptown, and see Vlad you know, all that stuff.

JEFF MARKS: No problem. That's the show for today. We're off tomorrow. We'll see you Monday.

JIM CRAMER: Thank you.

Action Alerts PLUS, which Cramer co-manages as a charitable trust, is long F, FB, PYPL, AMZN and NUE.