Analysis: AMD NVDA DD

In today's Daily Rundown ahead of our monthly members only conference call, Jim provides a quick update on Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) , Nvidia (NVDA) , and Dupont (DD) .

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JEFF MARKS: Happy Wednesday, everybody. Welcome to the Daily Rundown. I'm Jeff Marks, standing on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. We got our monthly call at 11:30 this morning, so we will get to it. But before we do, Jim just has a couple of quick thoughts that he wanted to put out right before the call this afternoon.

JIM CRAMER: Right, just wanted to say, that based on the market right now, AMD and Nvidia, some good news involving a supercomputer, but not actually. You shouldn't be buying on those, OK? And then I'm also going to talk about how I am a little disappointed in DuPont. Some people should understand. If you decide, well, wait a second, Jim is going to say something bad about DuPont. Just understand that that's probably the one I'm most lukewarm on.

And the one that I'm really surprised isn't doing better is Union Pacific. Particularly because we keep hearing about travel-- remember, of a congested port does not mean there's not traffic. So those are just ones I want to give you a heads up on ahead of the quarter, because you're subscribers to the club, you're members. And you deserve to not have to wait. Because other people might be trialing, I want them to have the edge.

JEFF MARKS: All right. So yeah, we're going to get this video up as soon as we can, and we're going to talk about those stocks and much more on our 11:30 video today. We'll see everybody on there shortly.