Amid all that is going on in the world, we have the Mobile World Congress 2022. This event comes, of course, as we are watching the Ukraine invasion unfold, the start of the month economic data, retail earnings and President Biden's State of the Union address Tuesday night. 

As its name suggests, the Mobile World Congress is a trade event focused on "mobile" -- a term that at one point referred to simply the latest and greatest mobile phones set to hit the market later in the year. After taking a pause last year, the 2022 event is back in-person and in Barcelona, with "connectivity unleashed" its tag line. The event runs through March 3, and it brings together mobile operators, device manufacturers, technology providers and engineers to present their latest work and share their vision of the future. In other words, we expect to hear much on 5G moving past smartphones, conversations about what 6G could bring, and talk of the metaverse. In terms of devices, we're seeing new laptops from Samsung and others, new foldable smartphone models, and the latest in wearables, including one from Oppo called the Air Glass, an A/R device that clips to the side of a compatible pair of glasses.

Generally speaking, the event will be a positive one for the portfolio's chip positions for at the heart of all of these announcements are demands for faster, more powerful chips that will connect to the latest wireless networks and lead to both the creation and consumption of data. As those and other new, Internet of Thing-connected devices drive network and data center capacity higher, capital spending for densification and data center buildouts that will require more networking equipment will be called for.

As we see it, while it's understandable to get frustrated by the current news headlines that are hitting the stock market, we recognize there are other things going on in the world that we shouldn't lose sight of. Mobile World Congress is one such event, and it should once again provide us with ample points of confirmation for a number of our portfolio positions. We'll check back on those announcements in the coming days.