Analysis: CHPT

With a name like ChargePoint (CHPT) you have to be ready for some volatile movements. Looking at the daily chart we see a wide dispersion of price action, from the high $20's in November down to $8 in May.

For a name like this, which is growing their business substantially and will receive more from the coming climate change bill, it seems more likely the bulls are getting it right.

The daily chart shows a steady move of higher highs, higher lows since bottoming in May. The stock is starting to break out (blue, chaikin) and with positive money flow to boot. Above $16 for a couple of days and this stock will make a run towards $20, a difficult level to penetrate. Yet, that is still a nice 22% gain from current levels.

The weekly chart is very impressive now, a break over the downtrend line as this stock is poised from some large gains (TrendSpider chart). Money flow is solid, the MACD and RSI have both turned higher. Volume trends have also turned positive, again this chart shows a potential move up to $20 or so.