Analysis: MSFT

Even the biggest of them all eventually lose to the bear market.

The mighty Microsoft (MSFT) cannot overcome a slew of sellers that have hit this stock all year long. That daily chart, below,  tells the story (blue, Chaikin), with resistance at $290 and the stock in the middle of this range (bounded by yellow bars), there is little reason to get excited.

It's neutral at best, the industry and trends are weak but money flow is weak and bearish.

The weekly chart, below, (TrendSpider) shows a break of support here at the $245 level, and that is something we need to watch carefully. The RSI is bending lower while we see SAR (dots) is bearish while the MACD has rolled over to an intermediate sell signal.

We grade MSFT to be a hold for now but have a watchful eye for an opportunity. If the stock can just stop falling here, put in a low, then we may find some energy to the upside.