Analysis: CIBR

At Action Alerts PLUS, not only do we read company filings, press releases, and scour their presentations, we do the same for key customers and suppliers. We also like to have a dialogue with companies in the various industries in which the portfolio has exposure.

Given the club's position in the First Trust Nasdaq Cybersecurity ETF (CIBR) and our view that cybersecurity is a "must have" in terms of investment exposure, Chris Versace recently chatted with Martin Roesch, CEO of Netography, a company focused on securing the Atomized Network.

A review of Martin's background quickly confirms his position in the industry - and the conversation, below, quickly confirms there is no end in sight to the growing threat from cyber attackers. Chris and Martin discuss the nature of Atomized Networks, why ransomware attacks are increasingly prevalent and what up-and-coming threats Netography is seeing. Martin also shares why R&D spending will continue and why increasingly time to solution is critical for cybersecurity companies to win business. 

The key takeaway for AAP members; The conversation supports the portfolio's position in CIBR shares -- and it's one that we expect to add to over time because with new connective technologies ranging from 5G, 6G, IoT and others, the cyber pain is only going to grow further. 

And if you aren't convinced by listening to Chris and Martin's conversation, the following recent headlines add to the growing pile of confirmation behind the portfolio owning CIBR shares as well as our Data Privacy & Digital Identity investment theme: 

Animal care companies need to heed cybersecurity calls too

Hackers Steal Millions from Healthcare - Warns FBI

Hackers Paralyze 911 Operations in Suffolk County, NY

Hive ransomware claims attack on New York Racing Association

L.A. Unified cyberattackers demand ransom

Listen to Chris and Martin's important discussion here!