Analysis: DE

As we wait patiently for market conditions to improve, some stocks are starting to make an early run higher.

Deere & Co. (DE) is one of them, and Friday's move was extremely impressive. With strong turnover and solid price action all day long there is a good chance to see this stock make a run at resistance, around $392 or so. That's not too far off from Friday's closing high, but with the improved indicators there is a good chance to make that happen.

Notice the up trending lines in the RSI and money flow, good signs if they continue to move upward. No sure thing is on a buy signal since early October, but the important point here is the price chart - and the up trending line that is going to provide good support.

We like this name here and will be looking for higher prices down the road. Note, the candle changed from teal to blue (bullish) this past week.