Analysis: DE URI VMC

In last week's Action Alerts PLUS Roundup, we hinted we would be looking to make a move like this after the Thanksgiving holiday. 

Following last week's continued rebound in the S&P 500 that left it up more than 12% quarter to date, we are once again prudently converting a portion of the portfolio's outsized wins into booked gains and funneling some of those proceeds into another position.

After you receive this Alert, we will make the following trades:

-- Sell 30 shares of Deere & Co. (DE) at or near $438. Following the trade, DE shares will account for roughly 3.5% of the portfolio.

-- Sell 15 shares of United Rentals (URI) at or near $357. Following the trade, URI shares make up about 3.5% of the portfolio.

-- Buy 90 shares of Vulcan Materials (VMC) at or near $177.75. Following the trade, VMC shares will account for around 2.0% of the portfolio.

We will ring the register on a portion of our DE and URI shares. However, we continue to like the fundamental as well as technical setup associated with both positions, which explains why the portfolio continues to hold ample exposure to both stocks.

And as we telegraphed, we are funneling some of the proceeds into shares of VMC. This move gives the portfolio more balanced exposure to demand drivers tied to the Biden Infrastructure Law in the coming quarters.

(Please note that we are looking to execute these trades at or near the share price mentioned above. Once the trade is completed, subscribers can see the trade's executed price here. Be sure to toggle the chart to sort by Purchase Date.)