Despite the Lunar New Year getting underway in China and the Federal Reserve in its quiet period ahead of the upcoming monetary policy meeting, we've still got lots to tackle this week on the market.

So, TheStreet Smarts' Todd Campbell and Action Alerts PLUS investing club's Chris Versace carry the ball to break down earnings, last week's action, rate expectations, recession realities and even "24" in '23.

Todd kicks off the conversation by describing a potential shift in market sentiment coming off of last week's bank earnings from Wells Fargo (WFC) , Bank of America (BAC) , JPMorgan Chase (JPM) , and others as well as quarterly results from Netflix (NFLX) . Next up, they discuss what underlying trading volume dynamics are saying about the market.

The two discuss the talk about two early cycle sectors that appear to be creeping back into favor and question the pros and cons of the weakening dollar and whether it could overstate the strength of the economy. With a barrage of almost 550 corporate earnings, listeners will want to hear the two stocks Chris and Todd are focused on this week and the insight they hope to glean from those reports and earnings conference calls. And if you're interested in some classic TV to stream, you'll want to hear what they were watching this past weekend.

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