Analysis: F

It's truly been a frustrating time for Ford (F) shareholders. The Action Alerts PLUS stock has been drifting sideways for months, a range of $10.20 or so up to $14. That rather small range is wiping out volatility, so any surprise is being priced out.

What does that mean exactly?

Nothing is really expected to impact shares of the stock, and while that means we'll have more benign movements, it also means Ford cannot find buyers above $14 nor sellers below $10.20. All told, the stock remains a Hold (we have this rated Three in the portfolio).

Technically, the stock looks as neutral as the downtrend line is steep from the January highs and acts as resistance. The MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) remains on a sell signal, and that crossover still applies from early March.

Money flow is trying to turn upward but we are just at the zero line, volume trends are mildly negative but the price is trying to show the recent low is a good bottom. The bearish qualities include a bearish SAR reading (dots), and purple candles which mean sell alert.

While it's difficult waiting for stocks to catch up, Ford is definitely one we need to be more patient with. The stock may feel like a bargain here, but it's best to wait and see if this most recent low holds, and a move on those January highs can be seen.