Analysis: MSFT

The chart of Action Alerts PLUS holding Microsoft (MSFT) is running into trouble here.

It appears the stock looks ready to roll over. Of course, we don't really know yet and buyers are still coming in to add shares on the dips. We saw that happening this week and last, but the chart pattern in price seems to indicate a topping pattern is being created.

That's not horrible; all stocks go through bull and bear cycles. A pullback is by no means an indication of a change in trend. We can see clearly the trend is bullish, the candles are blue in the GoNoGo system, which tells us they are strongly bullish, as you can see in the top pane above.

But the indicators below that pane tell a different story and are starting to fade. The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) oscillator, as seen in the second pane from the top, has crossed over and is on a sell signal. At the same time, the money flow in third pane, labeled CMF, looks to be rolling over and the red box shows some mild distribution.

All in all, the long-term trend for MSFT is strong and bullish, we like the name here and rate it a "Two" in the AAP portfolio, for stockpile on pullbacks. Perhaps a modest move down to the $360 level would be the place to pull the trigger and buy more MSFT shares.

For a closer look at the chart above, click here.

AAP is long MSFT.