CHRIS VERSACE: Good morning, Action Alerts Plus members. It's Thursday, December 29. And while we have another relatively quiet day for the market, stocks are moving higher looking to claw back some of the market's recent losses. The oversold conditions is likely leading to some buyers wading in even though the Dow Jones Industrial average broke technical support levels with last night's market close. Even though we've done some nibbling this week on the shares of Clear Secure ChargePoint and Verizon, we continue to be wary of what's ahead for the overall stock market.

Next week brings a sea of data, including the December PMI reports from S&P Global and ISM, the November JOLTS report, and the ADP employment change report for December, and of course, the December employment report. We expect pencils will be put to paper, fingers to keyboards as folks update their expectations for the December quarter GDP. They rethink wage inflation pressures and what all of that means for both the Fed and corporate earnings prospects ahead.

Next week also brings CES 2023, which runs from January 5 through the eighth and includes keynote presentations from the likes of AMD, , BMW John Deere, Delta Airlines, UnitedHealthcare, Teladoc and others. Typically, CES showcases newer technologies and products, many of which hit shelves in the following year. But this time around and especially after Micron's downbeat outlook for the near term and its capital spending cuts for both 2023 and 2024, we could see a more sobering CES emerge.

We'll also be on watch for negative earnings pre-announcements as companies close their books for the December quarter and digest the latest economic data. In short, next week is going to be a very different week compared to this one filled with far more data and far more headlines. More than likely, it will lead to a post-holiday set of fresh eyes for many as they rethink what lies ahead for the market.

As we get ready to sunset 2022 and begin the new year, we continue to see downside risk to 2023 earnings expectations for the S&P 500. As we digest the data next week and revisit those EPS expectations, we'll also be closely examining the November JOLTS report with a particular eye for what it tells us about our shares in AMN Healthcare following the stock's move from roughly 122 in early December to around 104 today we continue to hear continued reports of nursing shortages.

And we have room to nibble in the position size if the data contained in the November JOLTS report is indeed favorable for our shares of AMN Healthcare, we may be inclined to add more to the portfolio mix. That's today's rundown. Thanks for joining us. Have a great Thursday. And we'll see you back here tomorrow.