JD DURKIN: Good morning, members. During yesterday's live show, Chris Versace and special guest Helene Meisler shared invaluable insight on some of the stocks you've been asking the most about. We wanted to share one of our favorite moments, when they took a deep dive into ChargePoint from both the fundamental, as well as the technical perspective. If you missed the call, you can catch the full replay in the link tied to this alert, or head on over to the video tab on the AAP home page. Happy watching.

HELENE MEISLER: So I look at ChargePoint, and I see a stock that is trying to bottom, but I also look at it and I see so much resistance, as that stock gets up over $14. I would love personally-- let me just give you a little something here, is that, generally, if you've seen six or eight months of a stock trading, in this particular case, over $14, you would expect, oh, at least four to six months of work on the downside to overcome that, because there's that old expression, for every buyer, there's a seller.

But, so, in this case, let's just say that you've got approximately three or four months where ChargePoint traded over $14, and now we have about three or four months where it's traded under it. So, now, what I would like to see is I would like to see the chart trade between that $9 and $14 area, and sort of get up to $14, pull back, get up to $14 a little bit more, pull back, because that would tell me that it's slowly eating into the resistance.

So, for now, I think the stock is in a trading range. In a couple of months' time, if you just kind of try and imagine that big high, all the way up over $20 on the left-hand side, in a couple of months, that's going to fall off the chart and make the chart look a lot smoother on the bottom, so time should heal it.

SARA SILVERSTEIN: Great. Chris, you've held firm in your fundamental thesis here. What would cause you to change your mind?

CHRIS VERSACE: Well, you know, we got some very bullish news this morning, Sara, with the White House really spelling out some things regarding the EV charging network and the funding, so it's hard for me to say that I'm gonna get negative in the near term. You know, probably the biggest overhang was the concern that the Department of Transportation was talking about having 25% of components sourced in the US by the middle of the year. That's now been pushed out. It's 55% by the middle of 2024, and on a cost basis, which also makes another difference.

So, you know, as I kind of sit back, and I think about the EV tax credit, and we look at other companies bringing product to market, driving down the cost to EVs, I don't see a lot of macro headwinds for ChargePoint. It would have to come down to an execution issue, something company-specific, but we haven't seen that yet.

SARA SILVERSTEIN: And does any of that impact what you think will be the quality of the ChargePoint charging stations, because we've had a few members ask us about what you think about the quality there? Will any of this, what you're talking about, affect that?

CHRIS VERSACE: So that's actually a great question, because, as part of the White House's mandate, there's a 97% uptime requirement. So I think any issues in the past that we've read about, and, candidly, it's not just ChargePoint. You know, they're for Volta as well, EVgo. I think we're going to see that get addressed in order for them to continue to qualify for federal dollars as part of this build-out of roughly half a million EV charging stations.