CHRIS VERSACE: Good morning, Action Alerts Plus members. We have a rather sublime day ahead of us today in the markets as we and the rest of Wall Street wait for tomorrow's June CPI report. That quietness means Amazon's Prime Day 2023, which spans today and tomorrow, is likely to be in the spotlight, an event that will also serve as a litmus test for consumer demand.

For those unfamiliar with Prime Day, it's an annual event run by Amazon that offers a wide array of deals to Prime members, and it tends to boost sales for the quarter, but it also tends to drive Prime membership growth. This year, Prime Day is expected to drive some $12.9 billion in sales in the current quarter with about $8 billion inside the US.

Now, Amazon isn't the only company looking to cash in on this event. Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and others have competing events and offers. Now, recent retail sales data has underwhelmed in a number of categories, and with consumers staring down the return of student debt payments in the coming months, we are likely to see consumers pull spending forward from the next few months in what is typically known as the back to school shopping season.

Now in the next couple of days, we'll have the results. And in our view, it would be far more telling about the consumer if the tallies fall short of expectations. Now, let's move over to our latest actions with the portfolio. As you've probably seen by now, yesterday we took out our shopping list and added to our positions in Bank of America and Universal Display. We opted to pick up both, given the potential for a leg down in tomorrow's CPI data, something the market may read into as supporting its view, which we can see via the CME Fedwatch, tool that we may only need one more rate hike this year. If that plays out in the data, it will likely drive the market higher. And given the favorable setup for both Bank of America and Universal Display shares, we wanted to have more exposure ahead of that.

Now on the downside for both Bank of America and Universal Display, we've noted in some recent Alerts that we have very strong support for Universal Display that's right around the $135 level, and for Bank of America it's between the $27 and $28 level, which in our view says that there's limited downside in both positions.

And because we're likely to get a member question, given that we did not opt to add to Cody shares, the reason for that is the shares have been strong following the company's investor event last week. That has us still sitting on the sidelines with Cody shares, yes, still on the bullpen, but our preference is to scoop up the shares closer to the $1,250 level.

And today, let's end on the latest news regarding Clear Secure. This morning, the company announced a partnership with the Denver Airport for its appointment-based system for airport security. Now, we see this as a precursor for Clear's soon-to-launch TSA pre-check service.

When we step back and think about it, remember the thesis here on Clear Secure is the expansion of its footprint, whether that's with additional airports, additional services at existing airport customers, new airline partners, or markets outside of the travel industry.

So this is a great reminder to us that even inside its existing airport footprint, there are new services that the company can layer onstream to drive revenue. And again, we're still waiting for the company to launch that TSA pre-check service, which is targeted for the current quarter. Again, another revenue-driver for the second half of the year and beyond. Thanks for watching today's Rundown. JD and I will be back tomorrow to answer some of your biggest questions of the week.