SARA SILVERSTEIN: And I have another surprise for you based on what we talked about at the live call last Month we talked a little bit about Meta and you talked about the Metaverse possibly coming back at some point in the future. I was just wondering if you had any take on Threads making Meta real player before then. 

CHRIS VERSACE: So that's a great question, and I have actually been thinking about Meta as a result. We've been seeing and hearing about how advertising revenue is vacating Twitter. We know that advertisers will want to go where eyeballs are. We know, for example, that Google is overhauling its YouTube short videos and they continue to have great share in search.

But if advertising dollars are leaving Twitter, you have to ask yourself, what other social media platform might they be going through? So this was very interesting with the launch of Threads. So we'll see. I know that the usage has come down a little bit. It may not be the new-new shiny thing, just the new shiny thing, but my concern-- and I don't think I'm alone in this-- is that if people are migrating from Instagram to Threads, what does that mean for advertising dollars either in Threads or at Facebook proper?

So it's a little bit of a conundrum for me. As a user, do I like Threads? I do. I really wish they had a desktop application because that's where I spend most of my time. But it's something that we're going to watch. This could be an interesting thing. If there isn't cannibalization and Twitter continues to lose advertising dollars and the economy performs a little better than expected, meaning that advertisers might loosen the purse strings and spend a little more, does that make Meta shares a little interesting for us and perhaps the bullpen? Yes it does.

SARA SILVERSTEIN: Great. And looking at the bullpen, any top contenders in there for a potential upgrade?

CHRIS VERSACE: The ones that I've been sharing with are still the same. There's Morgan Stanley, for example. Portillo's. We're still waiting for some more data on the split from Kellogg into two companies. That'll be the catalyst where we likely bring that up.

But I will share with you, Sara, that there are some other names that we're eyeing for the bullpen. One just-- we parsed together some of the comments that I made earlier today on the call, and it may not surprise folks to think that we're potentially eyeing a McDonald's for the bullpen.

We think about where cash-strapped consumers are going to go, we think about the weakening dollar, McDonald's starts to get a little more interesting to us, especially since some of the QSR data of late seems to be picking up. So that might tilt into favor for McDonald's.