J.D. DURKIN : Chris, do you have any stock recommendations for members who are just beginning their journeys with us?

CHRIS VERSACE: So, you know, when you start investing, there's always a lot of questions. And I think when you look at the portfolio, we've got something like 30 positions. So I think the question is rather natural. But this is why we designed the rating systems the way we did, right? So for newer members just kind of off the boat, the 1's are the ones that you can, you know, as we like to say, buy now. The 2-rating stocks are ones that we tend to buy on a pullback, buy on a dip, something along those lines.

And you'll see that we've done some of that this past week. So what I would say is, you know, start slowly building out your position, start with the 1's. But when we take actions with the 2-rated stocks, like we did earlier this week, right, with Qualcomm, with McDonald's, and even 3-rated PepsiCo, that's when you should be, you know, putting your capital to work roughly around the same sizing that we're doing. I hope that helps.